How we’re paying off debt with 4 kids, how it’s strengthening our marriage, teaching our kids valuable money-management skills, bringing our entire family closer to God, and helping us all to consume less and savor more. 


The 🌴 One Year of Simplicity🌴is about hunkering down for 12 months and doing whatever’s necessary to eliminate car payments, credit card balances, rent/mortgage, and monthly minimum payments of any kind. 


This blog is a place for me to share with you what’s working and what’s not. I break it all down here step-by-step – from how we’re saving on groceries each month to how we’re finding extra income to throw at our debt – so that you can duplicate the 🌴 One Year of Simplicity🌴in your own home, and with your own family. 


Check back each week for tips on spending less + saving more (especially with kids), de-cluttering your spaces, clearing everyday toxins from your home, and strengthening your daily self-love + spiritual practices.


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Thanks so much for being here! 💛 

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