Today’s the Day to QUIT!

This morning as I shuffled between elementary carpool and preschool drop-off, the topic of discussion on K LOVE was “quitting.”

Apparently, today – January 17th is known as “Quitter’s Day.” The most popular day of the year to quit on yourself.

They had my attention.

So many of us start the new year motivated, excited and focused on carefully laid-out ideas, goals and resolutions. Strava, the social network for athletes, has discovered that most people last less than three weeks before their motivation begins to falter.

Why? Because change is hard. Distractions abound. And we give up on ourselves at the first sign of imperfection.

If you interview people about why they quit on their goals, they all use similar language:

“I fell behind and couldn’t get back on track.”
“I didn’t have enough time.”
“Life got in the way.”

Their words might be different but they’re all saying the same thing: “When it stopped being perfect, I stopped, too.”


• You missed a few days of exercise and scrapped the entire routine.
• You overspent at Target once and gave up your entire budgeting system.
• You veered from your healthy eating plan for a few days and decided you didn’t have
the willpower to change, after all.
• You had a great stretch of reading the Bible every morning, but then life got in the way
and now a week has passed.

This is the lie that perfectionism tells you about your goals: Quit if it isn’t perfect.

“IF”?? As if we had the option of a perfect track record to begin with?!

NOTHING will ever be perfect. Nothing. So stop giving up and STOP GIVING IN.

Today is January 17th. The day that everyone else is giving up on themselves. But not you.


Today you’ll remind yourself of all the reasons why you wanted to make a change. Today you’ll recount why change was so important to you on January 1st. I don’t care if you lasted 1 day, 1 week – or never even started.

There is no one on this planet who is more deserving and and worthy of love than you.

You’re allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. What happened yesterday is dust – in the past, over and done with.

TODAY you show up for yourself – for who you are and who you want to become.

Today you give yourself permission to finish what you started.

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