The last 9 months of my life have been about me wanting more.

Not for others – but for myself.

More of an identity.

More money, more experiences, more excitement.

More travel, more fulfillment, more influence.

MORE (in addition to the already-answered prayers right in front of my face) should’ve equaled more happiness.


In turn, what I’ve actually experienced this year has been less.

Less sleep, less focus (despite MORE work), less patience.

Less energy, less contentment, less identity.

Less happiness.

The question of “WHO AM I?” has never pulsated so strongly in every move I make. 

I’ve been asking God for so long to SHOW me. To point me in the right direction. To help me find the focus, the energy, the happiness. To help me disconnect from what’s sucking my energy and not providing a return.

And then he shows me and I’m like, wait, no. That can’t be right. Because that would be HARD. That doesn’t seem FAIR. How can that be?

And every time he laughs at me (I can hear God laugh, which has always been really fun.) And he’s like, COME ON Karissa. Every time you ask my answer’s always the same.

The only way to stop feeling the resistance in everything you do is to stop resisting ME.

You need to UNPLUG. Simplify. Focus. Come to me. Sit with me. Be with me. 

But I’m IN SO DEEP. My entire life is online. My friends are online. My family is online. My business is online.

Right, but that’s not what you’re asking me to help you with. You’re not asking me to help you connect deeper with your friends, your family or your business. You’re asking me to connect you to YOURSELF.

Can’t I do that without unplugging COMPLETELY?

You’re KILLING me.

Do you really want the answers you seek? Like, REALLY really?


Are you willing to set down what I TELL you to set down for a greater return?

Yes – but for how long?

Are you ready to stop asking questions and just trust me?

Yes – but my friends?

Your friends aren’t going anywhere.

My pictures?

Your pictures will be safe. Your Facebook memories will be safe. Your Instagram stories will be safe.

Even more than that though, your HEART will be safe.

If you trust me.

Do you trust me?

I trust you.


Friend, if you’re still reading this – you’re my soul family. And I love you.

I’m trusting that you’ll be here when I return to the social media world – whenever that may be.

I’m not sure how, why or for how long – but I’m trusting that this is the right next step for my soul. I’ll keep you updated on my life here on my blog so you don’t have to miss a beat if you don’t want to!

I’ll continue to share my beautiful children’s faces and all of our upcoming adventures (move to Hawaii, etc.)

Right here 💙


  1. Jill Clark says:

    Karissa, you are such a writer and an inspiration to others. I enjoy and learn everyday from your writings. Thank you. Jill

    1. Karissa Holcombe says:

      Thank you, Jill!! I’m so glad you’re here <3

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