Awareness. Intention.

Today was supposed to be “Day 1” without Facebook or Instagram and I did pretty well!

I logged into IG to set my account back to private and I had to log into FB to change on of my group settings. Tying up a few loose ends, if you will, before I go totally black.

Immediately I was met with negativity on FB, something that made me sick to my stomach and I knew in that instant why God wants me off. Thank you Jesus for making that clear and giving me the will to resist.

I might need to log in once or twice more to completely transfer over admin status of some of my business groups to others, but knowing that ahead of time will allow me to prepare.

Today was nice. I wasn’t distracted by my phone as I was driving or checking it at stop lights (nothing to check!) I enjoyed the day more with my kids, Geno had to work so even though I had pockets of boredom I wasn’t scrolling my phone all afternoon. I gave my boys haircuts and enjoyed their cuteness without feeling the pull to “document” it for anyone. I savored the moments for myself.

A thought hit me today – how do I want my kids to remember me? Head always in the phone or present and available?

I’m yearning for simplicity. I want a beautiful + full life, but a simple one.

Time is slipping away as a mother. Jack will be 9 this year! All we have left is another 9 years and he’s gone. Out of the house and embarking on his own journey – his sister just one year behind. I won’t get a do-over.

These are the memorable years- the ones they’ll really, really remember.

How will they remember me?

How will I remember them?

I want to be present.

I’m thankful for this moment in time. This crossroads where I have to decide whether to keep going down the same path or turn left.

I’m taking back control. This year isn’t about business and building bigger and better. This year is about being here and alive with my family.









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