“Detoxing” from social media has been an interesting and really difficult measure.

Yesterday morning a friend of mine sent a direct message to me asking if she could share one of my posts with a friend. The post was set as viewable to friends only so I logged in to switch it over to a public status so she could share.

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone two days ago so I had to log in through the Safari browser. Immediately I saw that I had some “notifications” so I checked those. And then saw a powerful post from a friend of mine and read that… and before I knew it I’d spent almost 20 minutes “browsing” and hadn’t even done what I’d come to do.

I caught myself, switched the setting of my post to public, and logged off.

The FOMO was almost instantaneous. Fear of missing out… what if someone left a comment on this post – either good or bad – and I wasn’t there to “moderate”? What if someone said something to me in an attacking manner (the post was controversial in nature) and I wasn’t there to defend myself? Respond? Clarify my position?

And so I rationalized throughout the day that I’d log in throughout the day just to make sure I was there to defend my position and stance.

At least once every 30 minutes I was logging on, looking for defamation when there wasn’t any to be found. But “what if”? I lived in the fear all day of not being present on social media and what I was missing.

You know what I was missing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

When I post something – an opinion or a picture – people respond. That’s how social media works; an exchange of information. We put something out there, people respond. Others put something out there, we respond.

The world isn’t out there having conversations about me when I don’t initiate them. Maybe one day when I’m rich and famous 😉, but not yet.

And as far as what I’m “missing” out on from others, I just keep reminding myself of God’s promise – what he said to me when he told me to get off social media in the first place. “Your friends aren’t going anywhere”. Pictures and updates from those who I’m truly close to will come through texts, phone calls and in-person.

I can’t say that I’ve been 100% successful in my first two days of social media “detox”. In fact, if I was an “all or nothing” person I’d call the start of this venture a big, fat failure. But I’m choosing to look at it as a journey. Each day I’m getting better – or at least learning something new about myself.

Today I’m focusing on filling the “void” of scrolling.

What’s one thing I can do today – that I can turn to when I feel the need to scroll? I took out my essential oil guide and I want to find two new oils to add to my order in the next few days. Two new oils that I haven’t tried that can benefit me in some way either with stress, anxiety, prayer, peace or energy.

Leave any recommendations for new oils to try in the comments below! 🍋

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