I wrote a book!

Guess what?! I WROTE A BOOK! Actually… TWO!

Have you ever wondered…

How many of our greatest adventures and most cherished memories have
gone dark on old cell phones? Stacked up inside external hard drives, floating around up in the cloud or buried under the archives of our social media accounts? 

The hard-bound albums that we once held in our hands, displayed on our coffee tables and flipped through when company came over have largely faded into a thing of the past. Everything today is electronic.

If the cloud went dark tomorrow or your Facebook and Instagram accounts dissolved into thin air – how many photographs, videos and memories would be gone in the blink of an eye?    

My hope is that this book reignites an excitement and an affection for documenting your life in hard-copy.

Whether you’re writing about everyday experiences or your child is using it todocument their summer vacation – you’re gonna love coming back, flipping through it and reliving the memories for years to come.

Let the adventures begin!

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