30-DAY Social Media ‘Step Back”


IF YOU FIND YOURSELF scrolling numbingly through social media without even really engaging anymore…

Suffering from serious FOMO (fear of missing out ––– what will I miss if I don’t log back in?!)

If you CRINGE when you think about the amount of time your kids or partner see you each day with your face in your phone…

Feel the pull to check social media while operating heavy machinery…

Feel like you’ve lost control…

WANT to make a change….

This 30-Day Social Media ‘Step-Back’ is guaranteed to SNAP YOU OUT OF IT and help you re-engage with the world offline and in-person.

Together we’ll explore the EMOTIONAL PULLS that are keeping you tied to technology 24/7, the relationships that you CHERISH online (and how you can nurture + grow them offline and in-person), the serious FOMO you’re experiencing (and how to combat that), and much, much more.

I’ll be sharing with you EXACTLY how I’ve broken old patterns and created a new, controlled and intentional relationship with social media in 2019.

I won’t ask you to delete your accounts (scouts-honor), but I WILL ask you to step back for the first 30 days to clear your head, refresh and reset.

And we’ll ease you back in from there.

Each day during your 30-Day ‘Step Back’ you’ll receive guided instruction straight to your email inbox. There won’t be a single day that I won’t ask you to reflect, go inward, work on your mind, body and soul – OR simply enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted silence.

Together we’ll go places you’ve never gone – and I’ll show you how to create a BALANCE you’ve never had.

Maybe for the first time? Or for the first time in a long time.

If you’re nodding yes or feeling this in the pit of your stomach – that’s the universe telling you YES! It’s your time. THIS IS FOR YOU. Don’t let thIS moment pass.

Shoot me an email karissa at karissaholcombe.com and I’ll add you to the program email list.

We start TOMORROW (April 1).

And did I mention it’s FREE? 😘

Let’s do it!

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