Drink It In

I wish you were here with me tonight! To drink in this sunset, listen to the waves lap against the shoreline and just be present for a moment. 

I come here to rest, reflect and reset. It’s so important for me to go into this void on the regular – a place that’s peaceful and quiet where I can connect with my spirit, my creator, my purpose, and my highest self.

We all need that place – where affirmations aren’t needed, acceptance is irrelevant and nothing matters except here and now. 

We talk a lot about the void in my program, Mindful40. When we hear the word “void” we often associate it with emptiness, absence – a place where nothing lives and nothing is created. 

The void is actually the complete opposite! It’s where the magic happens, where creativity lives, and where we can connect with our mind, body, and spirit at the highest vibrations. 

It’s so important, especially in this fast-paced world, to log off the social media madness from time to time and allow ourselves to rest, reflect, reset, and to feel at peace. 

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