Today I Choose Happiness

I just want people to be happy.” <—— aaaaaaaaaand that’s where my anxiety lives. 

I want people to feel loved, happy, appreciated, and content – especially when they’re with me. And when they’re not, when I can feel that something’s “off”, my nature is to take that personally. Even if there’s no way in hell that their emotional state has anything to do with me, I feel the responsibility to make it all better. 

And that has caused me so much stress in my life. Because here’s the reality: human experience is not my responsibility, nor is it yours.

Feeling offended is a choice. Feeling less-than is a choice. What people feel is what they feel and no amount of people-pleasing can fix what’s broken inside of someone else. 

My daily mantra has been helping me release, heal and choose happiness.

•• The only person I can control is me. The only thoughts I can direct are my own. I release myself from the anger and offense of others. Today I choose happiness. ••

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