Slow and Steady

Here’s the thing – I’ve swung the pendulum HEAVILY in the past… and it’s always been out of fear. 

“That baby shampoo is killing your child. Throw it out immediately.” “Those cleaning products are giving you cancer. Throw them out immediately.” “That meat wasn’t farmed organically. Throw it out immediately.”  

You know, stuff like that. Fast change made out of fear. 

I’m in a season right now where I want to change. But not because someone tells me that I should or because I’m doing something WRONG. It’s gotta be for me. 

2019 has been a year of self-discovery. I’m intentional about living my life with less stress and more sleep. Less toxins, more natural and organic ingredients. Fewer blind eyes and more awareness. The climb has been steady – it hasn’t happened overnight but we’re getting there. 

The conversation in our house has looked a lot like this: “We’re out of laundry detergent – maybe there’s something a little more eco-friendly that we can replace it with. We’re out of dish soap – maybe there’s something that’s a bit gentler on the environment that we can try. Deodorant’s on its last leg. I’ve been reading about the benefits of going aluminum-free, let’s give that a try.”

Nothing crazy. Slow and steady. 

I’m an advocate for less knee-jerk and fear-based decisions and MORE gradual and informed lifestyle changes. 

Small, consistent tweaks over time add up to BIG, super-impactful shifts. 

And on that note, I’m super stoked about my new @acurebeauty dry shampoo and @nubianheritage coconut and papaya deodorant. Both purchased on sale today at Down To Earth Hawaii after sunrise yoga. (not a sponsored post)

What’s something in your life that you’ve recently swapped out for a healthier, more eco or animal-friendly alternative? 

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