Today I learned that I have a hyper-pigmentation skin disorder called melasma. If you can’t tell by this picture, it’s discoloration (brown patches) under my eyes and on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. 

Melasma is most often seen in women and more specifically, during pregnancy – as it’s hormone-related. It came and went during my first two pregnancies but after my 3rd it stuck around a bit, and after #4, all bets were off. 

It’s only gotten worse since we came back to Hawaii – and unless I carry an umbrella around and apply SPF 100 5x a day, it will continue to worsen and darken as time goes on. 

I’ve watched it get worse and worse over the last few years and covered it with makeup which has been fine, but I don’t wanna do that anymore! If I had pain in my body or a rash that kept getting worse I wouldn’t hide it under long shirts and pants – I’d seek treatment! And so I finally have for my skin. 

It’s been a several-month process with appointments and referrals but today I finally saw my new dermatologist. And he delivered the not-so-great-buuuuuuut-could-be-worse news. 

Realistic expectations? I’ll always see discoloration to a certain extent. It cannot be cured and there’s no way to erase it fully. My skin will never be the way that it was BUT with a few prescriptions and a few “natural” remedies, we should see improvement over the next few months. 

Today I’m grateful for a dermatologist who was receptive to my organic/natural remedy curiosities, insurance that covers treatment, the realization that it can always be worse, and amazing, tinted sunscreen!

I’d love to know your experiences with melasma and/or hyper-pigmentation disorders and what’s helped!

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