Feeling HAPPY

One of my besties said to me today, “Karissa, you seem so happy!” … And I smiled and replied – “I am!” 💛 (but it sure as hell didn’t happen overnight!) 

On my 35th birthday, I declared that THIS YEAR was the year I stop apologizing for WHO I am, stop nit-picking WHAT I am, and start loving and celebrating this season, this body, this life of mine. 

Every day it’s a battle – fighting negative thoughts about my body, my skin, my parenting… whatever. (That never gets easier BTW, I think we just get better at filtering out the bullshit.) I talk myself through comparison, fight the urge to wish for something that I don’t have or to be someone I’m not. 

I spend massive amounts of time by the ocean and in the ocean, releasing negative energy, sinking my toes in the surf, floating, absorbing calmness and gaining clarity. 

The first things I put into my body each day are water and kindness. I look in the mirror and smile. I exercise in ways that feel good to me (gone are the days of dreading workouts and killing myself for a number on the scale). 

I eat food that nourishes my soul (chocolate chip cookies will always be on the menu). I meditate each morning to release limitations and calm anxieties. I’ve recently started lowering my anxiety medication and am super proud of that process. It’s been a conscious effort every single day. 

Fighting to love myself despite bad things that have happened to me, mistakes that I’ve made, and reminding myself that I’m deserving of every good thing that comes my way. 

Rather than seeking validation online or from the world, I look for it in the places that matter: the loving words that my husband speaks – how he talks to me, loves me, praises and supports me. I find my beauty there.

Rather than measuring my success as a mother by how clean my house is or how many activities I log with my kids — I look for it in the snuggles that my 9-year-old still requests, the sweet 4-year-old voice that tells me I’m the bestest mama in the whole world… my daughter wanting to be just like me when she grows up. I find my happiness there. 

In my 35th year, I’ve taken my focus off of the world and set it on what really matters — my family, my friends, my faith – and how I can be of service to others. My heart is very full, and I’m so happy that you can FEEL it shining through 💛💛💛

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