Thank You!

THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! It was such a fun weekend, filled with 90s boy band ballads, laughter and Baskin Robbins’ ice cream cake. I was lucky enough to ring in 36 with Geno, the kids, and my MOM!

A few things that I’m fully embracing as I step into my 36th trip around the sun:

• matching pajamas sets. Where have they been all my life? Gone are the days of mix-matched shorts and shirts, my friends. The more comfortable, the silkier, the better.

• biographies. I want to read at least one per month and I’ve started this month with Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’ll also be using my trusty library card to keep this commitment #reducingconsumption

• sunscreen. Every day – at least on my face if nothing else. The sun in Hawaii is so bright and so strong, and I’m really noticing the damage showing up now from my unprotected 20s.

• exercise. Not for weight loss, not for pant size. But because it makes me feel good inside. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Taking this moment for myself each day to continue the inner work I started at age 35.

• a reasonable bedtime. I know myself, so I don’t want to start something I can’t finish here. 11pm at the latest. Preferably by 10. My night owl genetics might have me failing here more often than not, but I want to be mindful and at least try. I’m a better mom – more patient, loving and kind when I’m well rested. It’s irresponsible for me to knowingly go against what I know is best for me and my family.

• laughter. Pile it on! Every day I want to laugh with my family and friends. There’s so much happiness in funny moments and I don’t want to fall back into the trap of taking myself so seriously.


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