One Year of Simplicity


2015 was our One Year of Simplicity. It was awesome –– a freaking PARTY, and I still look back on it as one of our best years EVER (massive caps for emphasis, because it was seriously that good).

From October 2014 – October 2015 Geno and I hunkered down, made some incredible sacrifices, paid off $43,500 in debt, and I blogged the entire experience away from my dinosaur MacBook that sometimes would fire up, and other times leave me hanging. 

Do you remember some of the crazy things we did??

🌿 We moved from a 2,300 sq. ft. house to a 900 sq. ft. house and saved over $1,200 a month in rent
🌿 We shut off our cable AND internet for one month so we could save over $100 a month with a “new customer” promo
🌿 We tidied up with Marie Kondo
🌿 We graduated Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey 
🌿 We sold shit
🌿 We made our own laundry detergent
🌿 I got an overnight job at a gym so I could workout AND make extra money to pay off our debt

It was wild. 

And slowly but surely, we drop-kicked the mentality that more was more, less was less, and embraced a simpler way of living that’s served us well during some of the most challenging years of our lives.

But like with any good transformation, it wouldn’t be as juicy without a few setbacks, backslides, and relapses! 

In 2019 we moved across the globe. And we moved from a very NOT expensive place back to a VERY, VERY expensive place. 

If you’ve ever moved, you know how expensive it can be. Even if someone else is footing the bill for the physical transportation of your belongings, there are ALWAYS unexpected costs –– things that pop up and rake you over the coals. 

7 months after arriving back on Oahu, we’re just now starting to assess the actual financial damage of our move –– the months leading up to it, the move itself, and the months following…….. and it ain’t pretty.

It’s had us revisiting a lot of those old blog posts from 2015, rediscovering all sorts of things we did 5 years ago to save cash, pay off debt, build our savings, and live simply. 

AND IT’S GOO-OOD! Pure gold ✨✨✨

And we’re excited about it. Jazzed to re-embrace the mentality that less is more. 

Cause when you’re paying off debt, building your savings, and re-vamping your life financially, it’s not just about what you can sell to make a few bucks. It’s an entire SHIFT OF EXISTENCE. 

🌎 It’s a shift in grocery shopping
🌎 A shift in extracurriculars
🌎 Sometimes it’s a shift in the company you keep 
🌎 The books you read
🌎 The way you celebrate holidays
🌎 The way you spend your free time

People might say you’re crazy –– we definitely heard it all. But that’s part of the fun. It forces you to find others who share your mindset and band together toward a common goal. 

Charting unknown territory. Doing things that no one you know has done to get results that no one you know has gotten. 

If you’re like me and never shy away from a challenge, you’re gonna love this. 

The One Year of Simplicity: 2020 Edition! We’re dusting off our old curriculum and getting back to the basics. 

We’re intent on 2020 looking VERY different for us than 2019 did. 

✨ In 2019, consumer debt creeped back into our life and we want to annihilate it 
✨ We’re about 6 months away from paying off a $30k car that we bought 5 years ago. This will be the first car loan we’ve EVER paid off from start to finish 
✨ We want 6 months’ worth of emergency savings tucked neatly into our bank account

And the cold, hard reality is that MOST of our current spending and life habits don’t support ANY of these goals. So it’s time for a shift! 

And it’s not about denying or depriving ourselves, or sitting around in our house twiddling our thumbs for a year to save money. The mindset HAS to be that we’re sacrificing extras NOW for a greater return LATER. 

I’m excited to get creative with my husband again. I’m excited to involved our kids who are now older, wiser, and understand the value of a dollar. This time it will be the entire family embracing the journey –– doing whatever it takes to get this train back on track. 

It’ll require great sacrifice from all –– but we’ll be doing it TOGETHER. 

We’ll start anticipating BIG change in Nov. and Dec. We’ll brainstorm and prepare during the last few months of 2019. And and we’ll FULLY implement and commit starting January 2020. 

I’ll be blogging every step of the way right here.

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