Rotating + Revolving Meals

One way that we’re hoping to spend less in 2020 is by creating a revolving menu that’s 1. simple, 2. kid friendly, and 3. will repeat each week so that we’re shopping less and spending less.

Groceries are a huge expense each month for our family of six, and it’s hard to find something that pleases everyone. So we’ve been playing around with recipes that we know the kids will eat on weekly rotation, and ones that we like, too.

We’ve been making them double-size according to the recipes because it’s easy to flash-freeze half and thaw it the following week.

Tonight’s recipe filled an entire 8qt dutch oven, so we froze half of it and will thaw it out next Monday for dinner. The kids were jazzed about it and we loved it too – and it’s also nice to know that we can enjoy it again next at no additional cost. Just a little re-heating and voilΓ .

** I’ll keep you updated on how this goes and any noticeable decreases that we see in our grocery bills.

What do you think? Might this work for your family?

I grabbed the recipe in the picture above from! ** I substituted white rice for wild rice because that’s what we had and I know my kids will eat it! I also used chicken bone broth vs. vegetable broth and I omitted the almond milk.   


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