Baked Spaghetti + Green Beans or Salad

I think this might be a winner for our rotating weekly schedule! Our kids gobbled it up and even went back for seconds. The recipe (doubled) filled a 9×13 pan and we were able to divide it into thirds: dinner tonight, dinner for next week, and a glass container in the fridge for lunch the next few days.

Note: I only upped the pasta by 50%, so not quite double.

I’m not usually a fan of leftover spaghetti. The noodles tend to dry out in the fridge, stick together, and it never tastes as good reheated in the microwave. Ziti and penne noodles somehow seem to reheat differently. I used ziti in tonight’s recipe knowing that we’ll be thawing it for dinner/ reheating it in the oven next week.

It’s spaghetti, so it’s pretty straight forward – but it’s baked! As you’re cooking the noodles al dente, you’re preparing the meat sauce on the side. Then simply drop the noddles in the pan, pour the sauce on top, mix it all together, shred mozzo and parm over the top, and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Easy peasy.

If you’re wanting to keep things more on the low-carb side, focus on fresh green beans as your main course and add the spaghetti as your side dish. A salad is always a nice veggie alternative, too.

Here’s the link to the recipe! (compliments of

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