Bento Box Lunchboxes

New lunchboxes for Jack and Addison arrived today! We’re veering from the traditional insulated zip lunchbox/bag that we’ve used for a few years now and trying something new for a few reasons: 

The kids have been coming home for a while now complaining about the same old stuff going into their lunches each day. I’m a creature of habit and guilty as charged. But making lunches isn’t my favorite thing to do… so normally they get the go-to sandwich, pretzels, fruit and sweet treat and we call it a day. 

More exciting options have been requested. So rather than a few big staples each day, which they’re no longer eating because they’re “boring”, we’re trying out smaller quantities of varied options. Plus, less waste because these little BPA free compartments will eliminate the need for small ziploc/plastic bags. 

There were a ton of choices online for these types of lunch boxes. I liked this one in particular because it’s a small, family-owned business and they’re half the cost of the traditional “Bentgo” brand. They also each come with two sporks, an ice pack, and an insulated, zippered carrying case for each box, AND they had great reviews. You can find them on Amazon.

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