Pancake Snacks

This may seem a tad simple – and it is! Which is why I’m posting it here under the Eating Simple section. I know you’ll love it.

My kids are snackers. The gene runs deep because I could snack for a living. I’m always on the move and often grab whatever’s easiest from the kitchen as I’m blazing through.

Recently while vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii, I grabbed a bag of small mini-pancakes from the local grocery store for the kids for breakfast. They weren’t the boxed ones – they were made, frozen, and sold locally and the kids loved them. They even preferred to eat them frozen??

Anyway, I got to thinking, how hard can it be to make a ton of silver dollar pancakes, freeze them, and let the kids pull for breakfast or for a quick snack on the go? I get to control the ingredients and it’s huge bang for my buck since flour is so inexpensive.

Last week I made 2 dozen and the kids blew through them in a week. I kept the recipe simple and clean, using only flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, milk, eggs and butter. We don’t put syrup on them in this capacity – just let them eat them plain.

Easy peasy.

Today I doubled the recipe and made another 4 dozen – splitting them into 4 separate bags so they can pace themselves. With 4 kids who are always hungry, I’m totally okay with serving these as drive-by snacks a few times a week, breakfast here and there, and even putting them into their Bento Boxes frozen, so they’re thawed by lunchtime.

Very easy to make and super inexpensive, with a a 5lb bag of flour costing around $4 and yielding about 6 dozen mini cakes.

The recipe I use is from (a trusted favorite in our house for years!)

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