About Me

Blending a lifetime’s worth of experience in both art and music, mindfulness and meditation, and a limited use of electronics – I help women create balance in their busy lives.

If you’re seeking calmness, clarity and contentment, I offer Sound Meditation classes + workshops on the island of Oahu to help with that!

I also offer 1:1 sound sessions ONLINE that can be catered to your individual health and healing needs (physical or emotional).

If the thought of fully immersing yourself in self-love practices in paradise excites you–– my UNPLUGGED Retreats will help you find the balance between family life, personal and professional growth.

Online courses in technology addiction and social media cleansing are also some of my favorite ways to nurture clients from afar. Graduates of this incredibly mindful work span across 12 time zones and include parents and non-parents alike, young adults, professionals, online and brick-and-mortar business owners, entreprenuers, and military spouses to name a few.


But enough about me – I’m so glad you’re here!

This site is my digi-home and mi casa es su casa. Feel free to poke around – and I look forward to meeting you soon! 



San Diego State University – San Diego, California
BA, Cum Laude
Liberal Studies

SDSU College of Education – San Diego, California
California State Teaching Credential, Multiple Subject
Magna Cum Laude

Kappa Delta Pi – International Honor Society in Education

Academy of Sound Healing 
Sound Healing with Voice, Bowls, Tuning Forks and Pipes

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