Ocean Therapy

Kai Kala –– Emotional release, by way of the ocean
Kai Kala`ana –– Forgiveness, absolution, by way of the ocean

In 1897, a French doctor named René Quinton discovered that ocean water and our blood plasma are 98% identical. Our blood has an extra molecule of iron whereas seawater has an extra molecule of magnesium ––– but apart from this all the molecules are identical.

All minerals on earth are concentrated in ocean water. Purify the blood with the minerals in seawater and you create the ideal conditions for life. When immersed in seawater, the body absorbs the minerals it needs through the skin.

The Ocean (kai) has the ability to trigger a psychological state of calmness and contentment allowing you to release, forgive, accept, absolve, and heal.

The ability to benefit from Ocean Therapy requires only an intention to release and a willingness to receive.

I offer 1:1 private Ocean Therapy sessions for women (60 minutes in duration). Contact me to learn more or send a private booking inquiry through the form below.