Social Media Cleansing

40 days of life-changing work.

Setting boundaries.

A world online requires us to work extra hard at maintaining our presence offline. And as an entreprenuer in 2019, that can be really hard to do.

Your audience is online. Your clients are online. Your work is online. And so are you.

You spend hours a day drafting social media posts, engaging your audience and drawing them in, responding to DMs, sorting through comments, and stressing about where your clients are and where you need to be.

It’s all-consuming –– and you’re exhausted.

Social media is an incredible marketing tool, but when it also becomes a constant source of stress and distraction (read: rabbit hole), then it’s time to reevaluate HOW you’re using it and the exact outcome you’re hoping to achieve.


•• live online (literally, refreshing your apps 20+ a day)
•• feel a constant sense of urgency –– like if you’re not plugged in round-the-clock, your audience will look, engage, and buy from someone else
•• feel guilty about the amount of time that your partner, kids, family, and friends see you distracted on technology

I can help you find that balance.

As an entrepreneur myself, with several businesses that rely heavily on an internet connection + social media presence –– I get it. I’ve been there, done that, and struggled through.

In just 40 days I’ll take you from social media MADNESS, to logging on once or twice a day –– and feeling FULL.

I’ll show you how to calm the urgency of being an online entreprenuer, make the most of the time that you are online, and share with you the step-by-step daily practices that have helped me maintain a healthy working relationship with social media, a very fulfilling relationship with my husband, and daily laughter + fun with my children.

Log on, log off, and live your life. <—– it’s my motto

Let me teach you how.

•• Next session begins on September 16. Drop your info below for more info on how to register. ••