Sound Meditation

SOUND brings balance, relaxation, and a sense of wholeness to the mind and body – raising the vibrations of each cell, slowing the heart rate, respiratory rate, and creating the perfect conditions for physical and emotional healing.

Sound Meditation (also known as Sound Therapy, or a Sound Bath), has proven to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, synchronize brain hemispheres, reduce stress hormones, stimulate endorphins, and relieve pain.

The benefits of meditation itself hold obvious appeal:
• increased focus
• clarity
• and decreased anxiety

But if you’ve actually tried to sit still with your thoughts, let alone transcend them, you know that it’s really hard to do!

SOUND can give you the extra push needed to rise above your thoughts, drown out everyday noises and distractions, and completely melt into the present moment.

We give so much of ourselves each day to our jobs, our families, our children, and our partners –– so the idea of simply showing up to RECEIVE is a beautiful thing. Particularly when the experience is designed to promote relaxation and you’re able to feel the benefits immediately! 

The Sound Meditation experience begins with each person lying down somewhere comfortable (couch, bed, yoga mat), often with a blanket, eye mask, and a pillow.

After a few moments of guided focus on breath, the experience itself is one of full immersion. As varying sound waves and frequencies swirl around in your brain, make their way down your spine, through each energy center in your body (chakra), and eventually out of your extremeties (hands + feet) –– you might feel a warm, tingling sensation in different areas of your body.

You might feel complely weightless, like you’re floating above your physial body. Or you might feel entirely grounded, like your body is heavy and melting into the floor. 

There’s no one right or wrong way to expeirence crystal sound. As long as you’re  open to the experience and wherever it may lead you, your body will gently work to release tension, anxiety, worry, and fear.

If you’re listening through your device (i.e. my YouTube Channel) or for clients who request recorded sessions from afar:

If you have ear buds that you can plug into your device, that’s the ultimate experience! You’ll feel completely surrounded and enveloped in crystal sound as it gently pours in from every angle. If ear buds aren’t an option, that’s okay! Gently place your device next to your ears or at your crown, ideally above your head as you rest, and play the sounds into open air.

Be sure to check out my upcoming sound events to see if I’ll be in your area soon! Or send a 1:1 or small group booking inquiry through the contact link here on my site.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!!